Heating & coolingManufacturing halls and warehouses: 3 heat pumps (geothermal) & 3 backup gas condensing boilers installed in adjacent energoboxes
• Main office building: 3 heat pumps (geothermal), 2 gas condensing boilers, chiller and a desk exchanger
Hot waterManufacturing halls via electric boilers installed in built-in service rooms
• Main office building: hot water tanks heated by gas boilers
Electricity generationRooftop mounted photovoltaic powerplant with capacity of about 1 MWp to be installed in 2023, possibly including battery storage
Electricity distribution• A local distribution network operated by the owner of the park
• The total reserved power capacity is currently 4.04 MW and can be further increased
• A DC grid is also available
Gas distribution• Connected to high pressure gas distribution grid (VTL)
• The gas boilers (in energoboxes) are connected via medium pressure grid (STL)
Water supply and wastewater• Connected to the public drinking water grid
• Own water tower to maintain required water pressure (mainly for fire safety requirements)
• Own sewage water treatment plant
• Greywater system ready for use (for sanitary facilities and watering)
Lighting• LED lights with Digital Addressable Lighting Interface DALI, Em ≤ 500 lx, controlled via KNX system
Internet connection• Optical cable connected to the Building A and distributed further, 1 GB capacity
• A wireless internet antenna installed on the water tower
EV charging• Main parking lot equipped with a 50 kW EV charger, additional installation of chargers is possible
• A power connection ready for e-bus charging
Security• 24 hour security, electronic building security system, CCTV system, fire alarm station, electronic fire alarm system
Other• 2 meteostations (air quality monitoring, precipitation monitoring etc.)

building A
administration, accommodation, technical and sanitary rooms


building B


building C


building D


building E


building F

retention reservoir

sewage water treatment plant

possible further construction area




diesel generator set, main transformer, gas regulation station, automatic water pressure station

power connection ready for e-bus charging

water tower

charging station for EVs

control room, energobox for building A, substation (incl. DC), datacente

photovoltaics to be installed on roofs